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FSP Centenary Opening in Sao Paulo

On 7 February, Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, presided over a Liturgy in the cathedral celebrating the opening the FSP Centenary Year. Numerous Daughters of St. Paul, their candidates in formation, members of the Pauline Family, priests, friends, benefactors, collaboraters, cooperators, and Pauline artists and authors participated in the event, which was televised by Rede Vida.
It was a joyous opportunity to thank the Lord for the many blessings he has bestowed on the FSPs over the past 100 years, as well as an opportune moment to praise him for all the good he has accomplished in the Church and world through our mission. The celebration also gave our sisters the chance to thank the many people who collaborate with them, and also the people of Brazil for the warmth and affection they have shown our Congregation.
The opening of the Centenary was preceded by a prayer vigil on the night of 5 February, the date on which the Daughters of St. Paul commemorate the birth to heaven of their Co-foundress and Mother, Venerable Thecla Merlo, who died in 1964.
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Inauguration of the Lubumbashi Book Center

 On 5 February 2015, the Daughters of St. Paul of Lubumbashi celebrated the opening of the FSP Centenary Year with the inauguration of their new book center. The event was attended by both ecclesial and political dignitaries, members of the Pauline Family, friends, priests, religious and laity.
Everyone was surprised and delighted to see how modern and functional the new center is–an elegant locale, stocked with excellent material that can be easily found thanks to the well-organized floor plan.
The new center is truly a modern “pulpit” from which to foster the human and spiritual formation of the people and a reference point for everyone seeking to come to a better grasp of the Faith through books and audiovisuals. The golden thread running through the inauguration ceremony was Fr. Alberione’s declaration: “Our book centers are centers of apostolate….
They are not stores but places that serve the Word, not businesses but places from which the light and love of Christ can shine. The Pauline book center is God’s publishing house.”
It is our sincere hope that the people of Lubumbashi and its outlying zones will find in our new FSP center the bread they need to nourish their minds and enlighten their hearts.
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Opening of the FSP Centenary Year Ivory Coast

 On 8 February, the FSP community of Abidjan joyously participated in a Mass in Merciful Savior Parish, Yopougon, celebrating the opening of our Institute’s Centenary of Foundation. The Daughters of St. Paul have been serving the Church in the Ivory Coast and other West African countries for over 20 years.
Various significant moments characterized the Liturgy: an entrance procession made up of the sisters, their Pauline Cooperators and the Celebrants; an offertory procession enlivened by a dance offering God the fruits of the earth and of the Pauline apostolate, and the presence of General Councilors Sr. Samuela Gironi and Sr. Karen Anderson.
The parish community was prepared for this special event by means of presentations about Maestra Thecla and the FSP Centenary published in the parish bulletin.
Our sisters are asking that during this special year the Lord will call new vocations to our Institute to serve the Pauline mission in Africa, in particular the Ivory Coast.
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Opening of the Centenary of Foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul

The Centenary of Foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul will open with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration on 5 February 2015, the 51st anniversary of the death of Venerable Sr. Thecla Merlo, Co-foundress of the Institute. The Liturgy will be celebrated in the Queen of Apostles Basilica by His Eminence Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Vicar General of the Diocese of Rome.
“Our Centenary offers us the opportunity to celebrate the memory of the marvels the Lord continues to work through our poverty and littleness,” says Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General. “In keeping with the invitation of the Founder, who always pointed us toward vast horizons, we are striving to bring everyone the Gospel of joy and peace through the various forms and languages of communications. Sisters from all continents, we speak the language the Spirit has placed on our lips and in our hearts through the charism he bestowed on us.”


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FSP Book Center a Sign of Harmony

In an article written for the Express Tribune, Rabia Ali, a Muslim journalist, describes the Pauline Book Center of Karachi as “a small Christian center that is a sign of harmony.” Given the situation of the country, her observation is a gift and encouragement to the Congregation as we celebrate our Centenary Year.
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Podcast SudowonChakBang

On 25 January 2015, Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the FSPs of Korea, in collaboration with the SSP, commemorated the Year of Consecrated Life and our FSP Centenary Year by launching the program Podcast SudowonChakBang.

A podcast is an audio or visual program (a conference, performance, etc.) in digital format available for download free of charge over the Internet. The podcast SudownonChakBang, hosted by Fr. Ignazio Hwang, ssp, and Sr. Gemma Kim, fsp, presents books, music and films. The two hosts share various experiences with their audience, interpreting reality from a Gospel perspective.

The program is aired three times a month and can also be followed on Facebook, podcast transmission Podbbang and iTunes.
In her presentation of the new program, Sr. Gemma said: “We want to bring God’s love to the world through the new forms of communication.”


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A Dream Come True on the Feast of Blessed James Alberione

This year, the Daughters of St. Paul of Kenya celebrated the Feast of Blessed James Alberione (26 November 2014) by launching the app ebooks and an e-commerce web site. The event, which took place in the new building dedicated to the memory of Cardinal Maurice Otunga, located in the heart of Nairobi, was attended by bishops, priests, religious, the Ambassador of Mozambique, other high-ranking officials, Pauline collaborators and friends. All the guest speakers underscored the importance of both initiatives for the Church and society and warmly congratulated the sisters for launching them.
In his talk, Bishop Martin Kivuva, President of the Communications Commission of the Catholic Episcopal Conference of Kenya, emphasized the influence of technology on the Church and society, saying that the world is changing because of all the developments in this field. “This progress,” he declared, “challenges everyone to become more active in using the new technologies for evangelization. Technology has globalized the world, making it accessible to everyone.”

About 150 guests participated in the launch and all left with a souvenir bag commemorating the Centenary of the Daughters of St. Paul. The bag contained information about the Institute and a newly-published pocket edition of the Gospels–a very meaningful way of celebrating the anniversary of our foundation.
The app Pauline eReader can be downloaded free of charge from Google’s AppStore.

The e-commerce URL web site is:


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VIDEO Contest

Video Contest Guidelines
           Daughters of St. Paul: 100 Years for the Gospel
in the Realm of Communications

The objective of the contest, Daughters of St. Paul: 100 Years for the Gospel in the Realm of Communications, which is open to all the members of the Institute, is to encourage FSPs of every age and from every country to produce original videos to celebrate the Centenary of our foundation.
The contestants are asked to produce a video clip that presents the typical and fascinating features of our charism in an original way, emphasizing in particular the biblical-catechetical dimension of the Pauline vocation.
 I. Rules and Guidelines
  • Each Province, through its Provincial Secretary, is permitted to send in a maximum of three videos; each Delegation, two; and each dependent community, one
  • The videos may be submitted in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Videos in Korean, Chinese or Japanese must be accompanied by a translation
  • Time length: a maximum of 5 minutes
  • All the videos must have a title and must end with the following information:
    –       Complete name(s) of the contestant(s)
    –       Circumscription
    –       Credits for all the material used (images, video material, music, etc.)
  • The videos should be submitted in digital format to no later than 31 May 2015. A link can be included specifying a placement on a video site (for example,,,, wetransfer, etc.)
  • Each video must be accompanied by a data sheet containing the following information:
1.      Title
2.      Name(s) of the author(s)
3.      Circumscription
4.      Email address
5.      Video link
  • A video may be submitted in compressed format but the winners of the contest will be asked to turn in a high-definition master file
  • The videos that reach the finalist category will be published and uploaded onto the Congregation’s international website ( on 15 June 2015, and will be contemporaneously inserted in SICOM’s youtube channel
II. Eligibility
1.      The contest is open only to Daughters of St. Paul (either individual sisters or as a group)
2.      Every video must be original and unpublished
3.      Each participant must sign a statement declaring that her work does not infringe on any copyrighted material or material owned by a third party
III. Judging Criteria
The videos will be judged according to the following criteria:
–          Adherence to the theme of the contest (35%)
–          Creativity and originality (25%)
–          Clarity of ideas and vision (15%)
–          Technique used (15%)
–          Quality of the video (10%)
IV. Prizes
1st Prize: an iPad
2nd Prize: a smartphone
3rd Prize: a portable external hard drive
V. Resources
Some resources for the entire Institute (the official hymn and prayer for the Centenary; its institutional and apostolic logo in different languages; pictures and videos of our beginnings, of Fr. Alberione, Maestra Thecla, etc.) will be available on the website and the mini-website.
VI. The videos will be evaluated by the following jury:
Paola Pannicelli, film maker and producer of RAI Fiction
Teresa Braccio, fsp
Emiliana Park, fsp
Daniela Son, fsp
Maria Lucia Kim, fsp
Shalimar Rubia, fsp

For more information, please contact 


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Valencia: A Thousand Gospels for a Thousand People

By means of their project, A Thousand Gospels for a Thousand People, the Daughters of St. Paul of Valencia are donating a thousand copies of the Gospel to the families of Mother of the Redeemer Parish, located in La Coma barrio, one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

Inspired by Maestra Thecla’s yearning: “I wish I had a thousand lives to dedicate to the Gospel,” the initiative is being carried out by the FSPs of Spain to celebrate the Institute’s Centenary of Foundation. Through the book center and local newspapers, the public has been invited to donate one or more Gospels to this cause.
Book center clients and friends are encouraged to purchase a copy of the Gospel to be given to someone who can’t afford it, aware that in making this precious gift of spiritual bread they are offering others the charity of the truth.

Our sisters tell us that the big box holding the donated Gospels is getting fuller day by day. When it contains 1000 volumes, the sisters will take them to Mother of the Redeemer Parish, distribute them to the families and teach them how important it is to read the Word of God every day.


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Alba: On the Move from Parish to Parish

Each year, the FSPs of Alba visit various parishes of the diocese to renew subscriptions for the Gazzetta d’Alba and our own Pauline magazines.
This year, urged on by Pope Francis’ continual invitation to read the Word of God, our sisters spent the month of December not only carrying out this apostolic activity but also diffusing Bibles and Gospels wherever they went. In addition, so as to celebrate our FSP Centenary and the Year of Consecrated Life, they have enriched their visitation program by making Fr. Alberione and Maestra Thecla better known to everyone and also by visiting the families of our pioneer Paulines to express the Institute’s gratitude to them.

The first stop on their itinerary was the town of Cortemilia. Our sisters will continue their “pilgrimage to the parishes” during 2015 so as to help the people of the area get to know and appreciate the fruits of holiness and apostolate produced by the “alberone” (“big tree”) of the Pauline Family, whose roots are plunged deep in the soil of Alba.



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