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Video Contest Guidelines
           Daughters of St. Paul: 100 Years for the Gospel
in the Realm of Communications

The objective of the contest, Daughters of St. Paul: 100 Years for the Gospel in the Realm of Communications, which is open to all the members of the Institute, is to encourage FSPs of every age and from every country to produce original videos to celebrate the Centenary of our foundation.
The contestants are asked to produce a video clip that presents the typical and fascinating features of our charism in an original way, emphasizing in particular the biblical-catechetical dimension of the Pauline vocation.
 I. Rules and Guidelines
  • Each Province, through its Provincial Secretary, is permitted to send in a maximum of three videos; each Delegation, two; and each dependent community, one
  • The videos may be submitted in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Videos in Korean, Chinese or Japanese must be accompanied by a translation
  • Time length: a maximum of 5 minutes
  • All the videos must have a title and must end with the following information:
    –       Complete name(s) of the contestant(s)
    –       Circumscription
    –       Credits for all the material used (images, video material, music, etc.)
  • The videos should be submitted in digital format to no later than 31 May 2015. A link can be included specifying a placement on a video site (for example,,,, wetransfer, etc.)
  • Each video must be accompanied by a data sheet containing the following information:
1.      Title
2.      Name(s) of the author(s)
3.      Circumscription
4.      Email address
5.      Video link
  • A video may be submitted in compressed format but the winners of the contest will be asked to turn in a high-definition master file
  • The videos that reach the finalist category will be published and uploaded onto the Congregation’s international website ( on 15 June 2015, and will be contemporaneously inserted in SICOM’s youtube channel
II. Eligibility
1.      The contest is open only to Daughters of St. Paul (either individual sisters or as a group)
2.      Every video must be original and unpublished
3.      Each participant must sign a statement declaring that her work does not infringe on any copyrighted material or material owned by a third party
III. Judging Criteria
The videos will be judged according to the following criteria:
–          Adherence to the theme of the contest (35%)
–          Creativity and originality (25%)
–          Clarity of ideas and vision (15%)
–          Technique used (15%)
–          Quality of the video (10%)
IV. Prizes
1st Prize: an iPad
2nd Prize: a smartphone
3rd Prize: a portable external hard drive
V. Resources
Some resources for the entire Institute (the official hymn and prayer for the Centenary; its institutional and apostolic logo in different languages; pictures and videos of our beginnings, of Fr. Alberione, Maestra Thecla, etc.) will be available on the website and the mini-website.
VI. The videos will be evaluated by the following jury:
Paola Pannicelli, film maker and producer of RAI Fiction
Teresa Braccio, fsp
Emiliana Park, fsp
Daniela Son, fsp
Maria Lucia Kim, fsp
Shalimar Rubia, fsp

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