Valencia: A Thousand Gospels for a Thousand People

By means of their project, A Thousand Gospels for a Thousand People, the Daughters of St. Paul of Valencia are donating a thousand copies of the Gospel to the families of Mother of the Redeemer Parish, located in La Coma barrio, one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

Inspired by Maestra Thecla’s yearning: “I wish I had a thousand lives to dedicate to the Gospel,” the initiative is being carried out by the FSPs of Spain to celebrate the Institute’s Centenary of Foundation. Through the book center and local newspapers, the public has been invited to donate one or more Gospels to this cause.
Book center clients and friends are encouraged to purchase a copy of the Gospel to be given to someone who can’t afford it, aware that in making this precious gift of spiritual bread they are offering others the charity of the truth.

Our sisters tell us that the big box holding the donated Gospels is getting fuller day by day. When it contains 1000 volumes, the sisters will take them to Mother of the Redeemer Parish, distribute them to the families and teach them how important it is to read the Word of God every day.


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