Music: Hymn of the Centenary

  • Hymn of the Centenary: In the footsteps of St. Paul 

Text by Anna Maria Galliano fsp
Music by Fabio Massimillo

1. In the footsteps of St. Paul,
Who was conquered by the Lord,
We walk forward in the faith:
For you’ve called us, sent us forth.

Jesus Crucified and Risen,
Our glory is your cross;
In you only is salvation
of every man and all of history.

For us, living is Christ,
And with joy we announce to all His gospel:
It’s the light which illumines all of life
For the people who are open to His reign.

2. Blessed James Alberione
Has marked out for us the way
And with Thecla our own mother
This charism they entrusted.

And through every new horizon,
As strong and bold apostles,
Sowing words of Truth among them
With the most effective means.

3. We are rooted, Christ, in you,
in communion with the Church,
and from this the Pauline Family
has the force and strength for mission.

You are with us, Jesus Master,
Living Eucharist in our midst:
With your Body and your Word,
Light and Bread along our way.

4. Your mystery overwhelms us,
And conforms our life to yours;
And your Spirit of love
Will renew us and transform us.

With St. Paul the great Apostle
And with Mary our sweet Mother,
We proclaim you Jesus Master
To the glory of God the Father.

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