Opening of the FSP Centenary Year Ivory Coast

 On 8 February, the FSP community of Abidjan joyously participated in a Mass in Merciful Savior Parish, Yopougon, celebrating the opening of our Institute’s Centenary of Foundation. The Daughters of St. Paul have been serving the Church in the Ivory Coast and other West African countries for over 20 years.
Various significant moments characterized the Liturgy: an entrance procession made up of the sisters, their Pauline Cooperators and the Celebrants; an offertory procession enlivened by a dance offering God the fruits of the earth and of the Pauline apostolate, and the presence of General Councilors Sr. Samuela Gironi and Sr. Karen Anderson.
The parish community was prepared for this special event by means of presentations about Maestra Thecla and the FSP Centenary published in the parish bulletin.
Our sisters are asking that during this special year the Lord will call new vocations to our Institute to serve the Pauline mission in Africa, in particular the Ivory Coast.
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