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100 Years of History

100 years of history, recounted through pictures and words that celebrate the Congregation’s humble and poor beginnings, marked by the unshakable faith of an Albese priest, Blessed James Alberione, and a simple but fearless woman, Venerable Thecla Merlo, as well as many young people who shared the same prophetic charism.
The text also offers readers a vibrant glimpse of the apostolic passion of 2300 Daughters of St. Paul who, scattered in 50 countries on all the world’s continents, continue to disseminate the bread of the Gospel today, feeling in their hearts, like the Apostle Paul, the urgent need to proclaim the Word of God through the wide spectrum of today’s communications languages.
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Media Apostle: A Film To See, An Event To Live!

The FSPs of the United States share with us the exciting news that their new documentary film, Media Apostle: The Father James Alberione Story, has just been released in DVD format. Produced by Pauline Books & Media, the film is an especially favorable opportunity to make this communications apostle and his apostolic charism known to vast audiences.
The film’s originality lies in the fact that it is an event to be lived. In view of this, our sisters have set up a special website ( where visitors can find a lot of background information and many details about the film and the Pauline Family. Requests can be made for a “Pauline Day” featuring a viewing of the documentary, a meeting with the Daughters of St. Paul, a time of Eucharistic Adoration according to the spirituality of Blessed James Alberione, and a conference on the importance of the media and their use in today’s world.
Media Apostle is a film that can be used with great fruit in catechesis, youth ministry, schools, formation to the media, the evangelization of adults, days dedicated to dialogue, retreats, and also to celebrate 26 November–the Memorial of Blessed James Alberione, an apostle of our times.
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Centenary Celebrations in Madrid

In the climate of World Communications Day 2015, our sisters of Madrid celebrated the Institute’s Centenary of foundation and the 50th anniversary of the opening of our Pauline book center in that city.

The Eucharist was celebrated by Archbishop Carlos Osoro in the parish church that our sisters attend, which faces the book center. The church was filled to overflowing with more than 30 concelebrants, a host of representatives of the Pauline Family, members of other religious Institutes, Pauline collaborators and many friends. The Liturgy was solemnized by the singing of our official Centenary hymn, accompanied by the organ and trumpet.

The day ended with a festive get-together, brimming over with the joy generated by this shared experience of fraternity and communion.



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A New CD for Our Centenary

To celebrate the Institute’s Centenary of foundation, the FSPs of Korea have produced a new music CD entitled Heavenly Love for You. The music and lyrics of the songs were composed by the Daughters of St. Paul and Pious Disciples.

The CD is ideal for prayer and meditation because it is filled with very meaningful songs, including Do Not Be Afraid, Magnificat, Heavenly Love for You and Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life–all sung with fervor and warmth by a choir of 8 young FSPs.

Our sisters hope that their latest apostolic initiative will prove to be a path to fraternity in a world yearning for peace.



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Celebrating Our Centenary

The Daughters of St. Paul of Great Britain are celebrating not only the Institute’s centenary of foundation but also their 60th anniversary of Pauline presence in the nation. In honor of this double historic event, they invited all their collaborators from London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Langley and Newcastle to participate in a Pauline Centenary Laity Conference–a time of prayer, thanksgiving, reflection and looking to the future.
The encounter opened with a sung Mass in Our Lady of Victories parish church in Kensington, after which Sr. Angela Grant, Delegation Superior, presented the circumscription’s Centenary Bible Project and gave public recognition to Miss June Sampson and Mr. Bernard Taylor, both of whom have been dedicated co-workers in the Kensington Book and Media Center for many years. In the afternoon, Sr. Mary Lou Winters introduced everyone to her beautiful painting of the Good Samaritan. Other unforgettable moments during this special weekend included enlightening input on the part of various speakers and a presentation of the delegation’s future online book center and new computer system.
All the participants rejoiced at the opportunity to be together as “one body,” thanking God for everything that has been accomplished over the past decades through the Institute’s mission of evangelization and thanking God in anticipation for all that is yet to come.
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Celebrating Our Centenary in Rio

The FSPs of Rio de Janeiro commemorated the Institute’s Centenary in beautiful St. Sebastian Cathedral, headquarters of the archdiocese. The Eucharistic Liturgy was celebrated by Cardinal Orani Joao Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio, together with many other priests.

Our sisters shared this joyful occasion with all the Rio, Madureira and Niteroi book center employees and their families, as well as a host of other collaborators, friends and acquaintances. They tell us it was a very meaningful moment of praise and gratitude to God for all that he has done in our 100-year history throughout the world, and in a special way in our 69 years of Pauline presence in Rio de Janeiro.


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Centenary Initiative

To celebrate the Institute’s Centenary of foundation, the FSPs of Abidjan held a formation meeting for the coordinators and leaders of the diocese’s basic Christian communities (CEB), in collaboration with the diocesan office in charge of these groups. 

The meeting took place on the extensive grounds of Yopougon Cathedral, near the Pauline book center. Over a thousand people participated in the event, seated under tents for protection against the strong equatorial sun. Guest speaker Fr. Richard Baawobr, M. Afr. (also known as the “White Fathers” because of their habit), spoke to the group about his pastoral activities in the Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. 
He also presented his book, Sharing and Living the Gospel (Year B), which has been adopted as the basic text for sharing the Word of God in the CEB. 

The encounter concluded with a book-signing session, a radio interview with Fr. Richard and a visit to the Pauline book center.


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Celebrating Our Centenary

On 25 April 2015, Australia celebrated the centenary of ANZAC–the anniversary commemorating all the Australian and New Zealand military personnel who died during World War I. Our sisters chose this very moving and significant National Remembrance Day to celebrate not only the memory of these heroic soldiers but also the Institute’s Centenary of foundation, the 60th anniversary of our FSP presence in Australia and also the Golden Jubilee of religious profession of Sr. Bernadette Muscolino and Sr. Maria De Vitis.
Members of the Society of St. Paul, of the Pious Disciples and of the Good Shepherd Institute joined our sisters in a joyful Eucharistic Celebration in which everyone gave thanks to God for leaving the Pauline Family a wonderful heritage born out of the farsightedness and courage of James Alberione and the strength and wisdom of Thecla Merlo, who shared his vision and dream. It was she who inspired, guided and sent out the first Daughters of St. Paul to the four corners of the globe, ready to face–with Gospel in hand–the many challenges and risks awaiting them.
Besides praising God for the Congregation’s 100-year history, other touching moments during the Eucharistic Celebration were the sisters’ grateful remembrance of the many sacrifices of the first FSPs who arrived in Australia in 1955 and for their two pioneer Jubilarians.
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A New Book for Our Centenary Year

To celebrate our Institute’s Centenary of foundation, the FSPs of Arequipa, Peru launched a new book in their “Girasol” series entitled, Reflexiones al viento, un camino de santidad, by Fr. David Pacheco Neyra, a Capuchin priest.
The event was held in the auditorium of Mother of Mercy Parish, which offered all the participants a festive welcome. The author expressed his gratitude to Pauline Editions for including in this series the first fruits of the prayer and meditations of a Franciscan.
Those who attended the book launch said they enjoyed it very much, in particular the witness to FSP-Capuchin collaboration – a precious example of religious Institutes working together during this year dedicated to the consecrated life.
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Celebrating Our Centenary in Pasay City

To celebrate our Institute’s Centenary of foundation, the FSPs of Pasay conducted a day of recollection for their Pauline Mission Associates on the theme:
The Mercy and Compassion of God Toward the Poor.
This annual event served to highlight both the Year of the Poor launched by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and the Centenary of foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul. More than 500 Pauline collaborators and benefactors attended the recollection, participating in it with great joy and fraternity.

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