Celebrating Our Centenary

The Daughters of St. Paul of Great Britain are celebrating not only the Institute’s centenary of foundation but also their 60th anniversary of Pauline presence in the nation. In honor of this double historic event, they invited all their collaborators from London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Langley and Newcastle to participate in a Pauline Centenary Laity Conference–a time of prayer, thanksgiving, reflection and looking to the future.
The encounter opened with a sung Mass in Our Lady of Victories parish church in Kensington, after which Sr. Angela Grant, Delegation Superior, presented the circumscription’s Centenary Bible Project and gave public recognition to Miss June Sampson and Mr. Bernard Taylor, both of whom have been dedicated co-workers in the Kensington Book and Media Center for many years. In the afternoon, Sr. Mary Lou Winters introduced everyone to her beautiful painting of the Good Samaritan. Other unforgettable moments during this special weekend included enlightening input on the part of various speakers and a presentation of the delegation’s future online book center and new computer system.
All the participants rejoiced at the opportunity to be together as “one body,” thanking God for everything that has been accomplished over the past decades through the Institute’s mission of evangelization and thanking God in anticipation for all that is yet to come.
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