The Queen of Apostles Arrives in Recife

A Centenary is always a very special event, but in the city of Recife, located in northeastern Brazil, this congregational milestone will remain an unforgettable experience because our FSP community there wanted to include the Blessed Mother in their celebrations.

In view of this, they organized a concert featuring the Chamas Group (whose members are all FSPs), plus many other famous singers. At the end of the performance, while a children’s orchestra played the Ave Maria, a statue of the Queen of Apostles, crafted in Italy, the homeland of the Congregation, was carried into the arena. A powerful wave of emotion swept the crowd, erupting into a joyous expression of faith and thanksgiving to Mary for her never-failing presence throughout the 100-year history of our Institute and her presence today in the life of the Daughters of St. Paul in Brazil and throughout the world.

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