Celebrating Our Centenary in Turin

The Daughters of St. Paul of Turin, Italy celebrated the Institute’s Centenary of foundation with two special events:
On 24 September 2015 they held a meeting in their book center on the subject: The FSPs: 100 Years of Proclaiming the Gospel in the World of Communications. Guest speakers for the occasion were Sr. Teresa Braccio, fsp, and journalist Maria Pia Bonanate.
On 27 September 2015, in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation, a solemn Eucharistic Celebration commemorating this FSP milestone was presided over by Bishop Guido Fiandino, Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Turin diocese. Many friends and collaborators joined our sisters in thanking and praising the Lord for the Institute’s 100-year history of sending out communications apostles to every part of the world so as to bring everyone the “charity of the truth.”
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