Opening of the FSP Centenary in Kinshasa

 The pastor, his vicar and numerous members of St. Peter’s Parish, Kinshasa, joined the Daughters of St. Paul in celebrating the solemn opening of the FSP Centenary of foundation. The church literally overflowed with people, including members of other branches of the Pauline Family, friends and families of our sisters, and many other well-wishers who joyfully participated in the event.
The Liturgy was enriched by the enthronement of the Bible, carried “in state” to the altar after the singing of the Gloria, accompanied by a group of dancing FSP postulants. Auxiliary Bishop Edward Kisonga, the main celebrant of the Mass, encouraged the FSPs to live their Centenary Year as a time of grace and updating of their charism, underscoring that our Pauline communities should be characterized by three attitudes: joy, quickness and efficiency. He reminded everyone of Maestra Thecla’s words: “It might not always be possible to live in joy, but one can always live in peace.”
He concluded his sermon by inviting all those present to pray for the Daughters of St. Paul and thank the Lord for their dynamic presence in the Congo, in the Church and in the world of communications.
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