Results of Pauline Video Contest


Video Contest

Daughters of St. Paul: 100 Years for the Gospel in the Realm of Communications

1st place: India. Ever Onward

For the originality of the execution, creativity and "closeness" to the traditions and style of the populace; for having been able to combine the language of music videos, while keeping intact the message of the Pauline mission, achieving a cleverly captivating outcome.
 The choreography "recounts" the life of the Daughters of St. Paul, in the joy of their commitment, and through dance and rhythm, tells of the unity among the different generations of sisters in the Indian province.

2nd place: Polonia. The Artist

Superior level of filmmaking, the harmony of acting between the protagonists of the story, (actress and FSP), the setting, photography, editing, music and, of course, the direction.  In the criteria for judging, technical quality does not determine the correspondence to the objectives given. We have chosen to deviate from the rules of the competition, notwithstanding the duration of the video, which does not conform to the limits prescribed.

3° place: PMPT (Philippines). A heart for the Gospel

For the immediacy of the message and the harmonious play of graphics. A "spot" genre that promotes the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul in the contemporary world.

4° place: Pakistan (Lahore). 100 Years of being  hands and feets of the Gospel

With humble wisdom, simple and direct images, the production recounts the story of the Pauline apostolate in this beautiful part of the planet, confronted by a situation of extreme uncertainty. Notwithstanding, the video shows smiling and serene faces in the joy of vocation, in their strong and courageous presence, that restores vitality to hope.

5° place: Brazil. Em todos os lugares

A day in the life of a young girl who meets, by chance, a Daughter of St. Paul and, thus, gets to know the Pauline mission. The vocation scenario is dominant; a value that the story expresses with simplicity and freshness.

6° place: Pakistan. Determined Daughters a part of 100 Years

The simple and effective presence of the Daughters of St. Paul in Rawalpindi emerges from the images of the celebrations, apostolate in the media center, encounters with families, and with young people; a small and strong nucleos rooted in the territory and in the local church.

7° place: Colombia. El amor de Cristo nos impulsa

The Daughters of St. Paul talk about their commitment to evangelization in the world of communication. The Pauline spirituality in this land confronts popular religiosity and devotion.

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