Celebrating the FSP Centenary in Yopougon

Our sisters of the Ivory Coast opened their celebration of the Institute’s Centenary of foundation with an hour of adoration in the Yopougon Cathedral on 18 June–a time of prayer and praise to God for the gift of 100 years at the service of the Gospel in the world of communications. On the following Sunday, 21 June, they participated in a solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by the Co-adjutor of the diocese, Bishop Lezoutié, assisted by Titular Bishop Mandjo and numerous diocesan and religious priests, all of whom joined our sisters, collaborators and friends in thanking God for this very meaningful congregational milestone. The two Catholic radio stations in the area and a national newspaper transmitted the event to the public.
A significant moment in the Eucharistic Celebration was the Offertory procession, during which the presentation of the bread and wine was accompanied by a lighted candle, symbolizing the light that every Daughter of St. Paul is called to radiate by means of her life and mission. Two baskets containing the books and audiovisuals produced by the sisters in 2014-2015 were also carried to the altar. Finally, the two bishops were offered a large Bible as a way of underscoring the Pauline mission and the continuity of the Congegation’s service of the Word in the Church. At the end of the Eucharist, all the participants gathered for a moment of joyful fraternity, accompanied by refreshments.
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