Enlarged Council Meeting

From 15-17 February 2015, our Delegation of Southern Africa (Mozambique, South Africa and Angola) held an enlarged council meeting in Johannesburg guided by FSP Bursar Gen-eral, Sr. Gabriella Santon. The theme of the encounter, Pauline Poverty and the Economic Situa-tion of Africa and the World, was integrated with the circular letter, Guidelines for the Admin-istration of the Assets in Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, published in 2014.
The voice of the Church reinforces the principles that underlie a sound management of goods in view of the mission of each religious Institute and Society. The participants in the meeting deeply appreciated the openness and apostolic vision with which the subject was treated. Afterward, Sr. Gabriella visited the communities of the Delegation to reflect with the sisters on the practical aspects of our management of goods, especially with regard to several apostolic projects currently underway.
During those days, Superior General Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan made a brief stopover in Johannesburg on her way to the Congo. The sisters wel-comed her joyfully and she took advantage of the opportunity to guide them in a reflection concerning the FSP Centenary of foundation and the multitude of gifts our Congregation has received from its beginnings up to the present.
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